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Dr. Ayers enjoys the challenge of serving those who have not found answers to their dentally related problems.  He enjoys working in specialized areas.  He particularly likes working with a patients' physician, chiropractor, therapist, or naturopaths, coordinating treatments that work well with patients who suffer from difficult to solve head and neck problem, sleep apnea, snoring and TMJ/TMD. 

Hospital dentistry can often be arranged for patients with specific medical need that require the attendance of an Anesthesiologist, and special physicians in attendance while any dental work is performed. 

Before the turn of the last century, Dr. Ayers decided he would do whatever possible to be available to patients.  This has even involved traveling to where the patients are in California, Arizona, and Nevada, plus serving as consultant along with other dentists and physicians, and assisting in meetings of RFV Therapy.


   The bad news is that few medical and dental insurances pay for TMJ/TMD Dysfunction problem, and few pay for dentally related treatment for Head and Neck Pain.
     Some insurances pay for Sleep Apnea appliances and therapy. 
     Some insurances pay for Snore appliances.

In all insurance questions, we ask (require) participation and cooperation with patients, who will ultimately be required to file their own insurance.  Most patients will have to be diligent if they hope to receive any reimbursement from insurance companies.

In the case of TMJ/TMD related to automobile accidents, we can cooperate directly with your attorney.  Please call to find out details.


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